Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet Another April Range

I think this is my 4th Thursday in a row. Went on the 22nd.

And I am pleased.

I shook it up some and took the 1911 with me this time. And proper trigger squeeze felt so much easier. It was almost an epiphany. I don't know if it was just the frequency of practice or doing weeks of DA shooting and for some reason my finger works a bit better.

Here is the cold magazine. First 7 of the day. No shoot-n-see to tell me I am doing it right. Presuming a bad guy is hopped up on adrenalin I might not see results in the first seven in a deadly confrontation. I have to be confident and trust my ability to be effective in the moment.

7 Yard range, of course. I'm still burning through those Georgia Arms can o' ammo for my practice rounds.

Ok, I found out these shoot n' see targets AREN'T the sticker kind. I had to staple them on. And the paper of the target is a bit spongy. So it is hard to roll up the whole shebang for the trip home. Anyway, here is the second target:

On mag at the lower right, one at the upper left, and a few at the middle. Notice my usual low and right fault pattern. But it's getting less right. I could live with low shots if they were predictably low and on the centerline. And I'm creeping up on that ability.

Finally, the third:

Again, none too shabby. A flier or two in there. All in all a sign of progress. Here is a range report from two years ago. You can see looser groups back then.


Old NFO said...

Much better and an obvious difference with the 1911... SA vs. DA is always going to show an improvement.

Hat Trick said...

If you're needing shoot'n'see targets at 7 yds to see .45 hits on paper I would suggest that the range lighting is piss poor or you need to have your eyeglass Rx checked.

As an alternative to the black bullseye paper target to save money on the shoot'n'see's I use "Super See" competition targets that are two sided, one with a silhouette, the other with five 3 inch bullseyes in light blue. The hits in the bullseye show up well. (the mfr. code # is SS1723-5, J. Gooch & Associates, Springfield, IL 217-522-7575) To make larger, cleaner holes try some semi-wadcutter rounds. I reload them for target practice and the feed just fine in my pistol. Like a wad cutter they punch out the entire circle of paper instead of splitting it to pass through.

I hope you'll take this as the friendly advice it's intended to be.

(FTC disclaimer, I have not received any gift or remuneration from the above mentioned company in consideration of my recommendation)

Hat Trick said...

And you are improving, Are these rapid fire or slow deliberate shots? The shots low and right may indicate a combination of a little jerking on the trigger and a little anticipation of recoil.