Thursday, April 29, 2010

Open Carry

I am all for open carry. I would do it myself in the situation warranted it. It’s not for ME, generally, but I’m not gonna say YOU can’t do it.

But why do you open carry? If you answer is “for self-defense” that is good. If it is “because I am a law enforcement officer” that’s ok, too, I guess. An answer if "none of your business, it's my right" is fine. If your answer is “to make a political statement” or “to scare libtards!” that reason is less good. Note, I didn’t say ‘bad.’ Open carrying will, eventually, enure scaredy-cats to the sight of firearms, make them less hoplophobic by such exposure, normalize firearms existence, and fetishize them less. All good things.

But this guy is right, sometimes open carry advocates are a bit tone deaf to the possible response to their political actions, in some cases.


breda said...

Because I'm lazy and I hate ugly cover shirts.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

that's another good reason.

It's much better than "because my dropleg holster looks way cool and people will know I'm a bad azz."

Paladin said...

I waffle on the issue, and need to educate myself more before deciding which side of the fence to come down on. I've carried concealed for several years now. I probably would continue to do so even if I could legally carry openly. Why? -

I don't want to make myself the first target of choice in a bad situation, and I don't generally like drawing attention to myself most of the time anyway. I like to be the guy that sees everything and everybody (situational awareness), not the person that everyone notices and stares at. Just my preference.

It would be great, however, not to have to worry so much about imprinting, flashing, etc. That's a major pain in the ass, especially with the heat of Texas summers. I tend to be prepared to be ambivalent regarding other people carrying openly, as long as it didn't result in me having fewer businesses that allowed guns inside. That's the main hurdle standing between me and support of open carry in my State.

Right now, most businesses in Texas don't fret about concealed carry. They can prohibit legal concealed carry by posting proper signage, but most don't bother. The places that I CAN'T carry are surprisingly few.

I wonder sometimes, though, if some business owners might freak and ban any type of carry (including my now legal concealed carry) if people are carrying guns right out in the open. I don't know what legislators would have the balls to write the law and NOT give business owners the option of banning gun toters.

Like I said - I'd love the flexibility of having both options, but I'd hate to cut off my nose to spite my face. You know?

Newbius said...


I am going to have to respectfully disagree.

Being tone deaf to people who would infringe my rights if they could is not a vice. That an open carry protest exposes the collectivist swines who would wish us disarmed is a benefit, not a detraction.

I want all of my enemies visible to me. Makes targeting them for removal from office that much easier.

I conceal-carry most of the time, and open-carry occasionally. Just about every time I have OC'd, the gun was ignored. The one time it was noticed (and loudly at that), it was by a young boy at the grocery store who was very interested, and with whom I had a very nice and friendly chat. The parents were a little embarrassed, but the boy was pestering his dad to teach him about guns as they left. :)

The State of California's response to people exercising their rights in the only way remaining to them, by trying to ban even that, is shameful. I left that liberal paradise in 2000 and you could not pay me enough to return there to live...

Farm.Dad said...

Where i live OC is pretty much accepted without comment or raised eyebrows if not exactly an every day sight other that a couple of local " characters " and is legal . With that said , when in town i normally conceal . I just consider it polite , kinda like wearing pants that fit rather than hang off my butt . No one wants or needs to see either my handgun or my ass .
I have no problem with OC and in fact support it since you can come to my state and it does not matter if there is ccw recipricosity .. you can carry .

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

That's good Farmdad. Think of your carry gun like you butt crack. Everyone SHOULD have one, but only a certain select group should even have to suffer looking at it.

Boat Guy said...

My experiences have been similar to Newbius'. I rarely carry openly, but have frequently in the past both to abide by the law (my permit had expired while I was overseas) and as an "outreach program". One doesn't have to get in somebody's "face" about it nor should one back down in the face of aprobriation.
And sorry, the "butt-crack" analogy just doesn't work for me; it's NEVER appropriate to expose ones privates in public - especially intentionally - but there are plenty of times and places where OC is not only appropriate but called-for.
The opportunities for reasonable engagement are worth taking. Those who worry about "giving away a tactical advantage" might be as well served by a higher state of situational awareness.

sofa said...

Situations vary; sometimes CCW, sometimes Open. Why does anyone 'feel' the need to tell others how or where to carry or not carry?

'Shall not be infringed' is acknowledged as a natural right. All other 'feelings' are null and void.

Patrick said...

Nah. That guy wrote about two different incidents to show how California is changing their laws because of it.
Californians have little to no choice to carry unloaded and open carry and the public is *still* so afraid of an unloaded gun they want to remove that option altogether. I will never go to that state in my lifetime.

And as for the *myth* of being the first one targeted, hasn't happened in any report of any shootings. I covered it all in my article a few months ago.