Thursday, April 8, 2010

MD Laws

I don’t talk much about Maryland gun friendly legislation working it’s way through the statehouse much. Why? Cuz’ I always assume it’s gonna get quashed. And normally I am right.

The only recent good development since a bit before I started this blog was the more regular quashing of ANTI-gun bills. They haven’t been the automatic pass in this Leftist stronghold of a state for a bit of time.

But 2 positive developments are happening.

One is the passing of the civil immunity reform out of the State Senate. Prospects in the house are more than decent. If the Gov signs it, it will make it harder for a robber that you shot in your home, (ya know, ROBBING you,) to sue you for injuries he sustained while you were defending your home and property. It’s no Texas Castle Doctrine, but it goes a long way. The Governor is the young guy from The Wire and will hate signing this thing but has to, or get eaten alive in the next election.

The other is HB52. It is stuck in committee but only needs 5 more signatures to spring if from that anti-civil rights chairman. So there is a chance it could advance a bit. A slim chance. HB52 would recognize and reciprocate the conceal carry permits of neighboring states. Even non-resident permits. I’d have to get a Virginia permit to go with my Utah permit, but that is doable. And it is moving the ball down the field.

And that’s pretty much it. We beat back the anti-gun stuff, and we watch all the other pro-civil-rights stuff languish in the desks of bigoted, phobic chairmen.


Anonymous said...

God willing.

Old NFO said...

Here's hoping... there are some nice places in MD, but I won't go until I can carry...