Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Range

I went to the range on the 2nd of April. Slow on the write up, ain't I?

Anyway, I took two revolvers. The new ones. The .22 617 and the .38/.357 640. It makes it easy to tell the holes apart.

I did a few one handed shots with the 617, but always SA. Next to no DA at all with the .22. All the 640 was DA by necessity.

It's hard to tell the difference between the .38 and the .22! Mostly, the .22 is the top 2 targets of the 4. I was able to shoot through all my .22 shorts. Not a caliber I want to keep on hand as they pretty much only work in the revolver. Nothing else.

Double action .22 left hand only in the upper left, right hand in the upper right. Double action .38 in the lower two, and with both hands, and some single action .22 with 2 hands, in the bottom 2 targets. 21 feetish:

See that? Shooting some of the .38 right on, but some are low. A little wrist breaking anticipation. 2 years ago there would be a LOT more of that break. I'm climbing that mountain, it just takes me a while.

So, warm up is over. This is .22 top Single Action and .38 Double Action bottom.

Also interesting. Easier to shoot better with the .22, obviously, and those shots tend an inch or two high. See how I am still wrist breaking the .38 on the left bottom, but I buckle down a lot more on the final target on the bottom right. Good. And the flaw in that gun is to the right, of course. All my centerfire pistols go to the right, all rimfire go a bit high.

So I am pleased, but not ecstatic with my performance. When my .45 or .40 groups are as tight to the center as my .22, THEN I will be ecstatic. Then the challenge will be speed, and from the leather.

Now I have to arrange a trip THIS week. Last week I was out of town for a bit of. Archie was watching my house. Even without an M3 Greasegun he is a formidable watchdog. I wouldn't tangle with him...

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Old NFO said...

Yep, typical reactions- You "know" the .22 has little/no recoil, so no flinch. .38/.357 you start flinching subconsciously...

We did a COF a couple of years ago that started with a .22, then .38, then .45, then .44Mag. Our scores decreased with EACH increase in firepower... sigh...