Saturday, April 10, 2010



Ham Radio!

I wish I knew some resource that could point me to the link I want. There is plenty of radio resources on the web. That's the problem. Separating the wheat from the chaff. Someone that could point me down the right path. Someone that could steer a fella that was thinking, "ya know, I have always been kinda interested in Ham Radio, and I'd like to dabble, but I don't know where to check for a decent starter kinda setup instructions. Not super cheap, but also not too expensive until I become addicted. Heck a receiver now, and a line on where to get a transmitter later or whatever. I don't know. It's why I'm asking."

Anyone know anyone like that?

Maybe I just need a line on a $200 scanner that picks up everything.


TotC said...

Go find an Elmer (an amateur radio mentor) If you give me an address I'll send you the technician book.

Find out what is prevelant in your area for local repeater communications. Either 2m or 70cm (sometimes known as 440 mhz. A decent used mobile rig will run somewhere around $200.00 Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom are the big names, but like guns, do you pick a Glock, a Colt or a S&W. A handheld 2m radio can be had new for around $125. I hope this helps.

Crucis said...

Your first source is always the ARRL (

Next, find a local hamfest and look at the older HF tube sets or early (1970s) hybrid sets. My first received was a Korean War era Hammarlund.

Standard Mischief said...

hmmm, I've had (radio) scanners and CBs for years. I also have a study guide from when you still needed the code at 5 wpm, and I've been building antennas and circuits and other mischief since I was snotty kid.

Finally I wanted to round out the resume and I just ran through the test question pool enough times so I knew I would pass:

Memorize and regurgitate.

And then I just showed up and passed the test (there are some great guys in Maryland that give the tests for free a few times a month:

So far I've made a dummy load and I can finally play with those out-band CBs without breaking the law. Too bad the sunspots are so low nowadays.

Tam said...

Email my roomie; if you get her going about ham radio, the hard part is getting her to stop again.