Thursday, April 15, 2010

.45 Carbine

Well LOOK what Caleb found. Another carbine for me to consider. And not too pricy for what you get.

And you all know about my unreasonable carbine obsession...

Caleb saw it on Michael Bane. But the caliber is a good selling point for me. And Mr. Bane had no problem when he got to play with it.

A Carbine based on the MAC-10 clone.

Ok, let's assume it's as reliable as they company says (and folks are dubious based on what MAC-10s that aren't open bolt submachine guns have acted like in the past) I have another issue... I doubt the state of Maryland will let these be sold. And I doubt they'd consider it a long gun I could just purchase in any state and take home. If it was sold in MD it would need a shorter magazine. We only allow 20-rounders sold in these cheer' perts. So I'd have to go to Virginia to buy mags (owning mags that hold more than 20 is fine, just not selling or mail ordering or otherwise buying)

I'll put it on the mental pile for consideration. I must remember... it's heavy.

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JB Miller said...

I saw one in 9mm at a place near me. Fun stuff.