Friday, April 16, 2010


If you want to take an NRA Basic Pistol course, or an NRA First Steps class... Well any given weekend there is one within 10 miles.

The class I want to take is a bit more advance. Looks like the next available is in June. I'm all committed on going.

It's with the same guy I took the CCW class with, but this is a Defensive Pistol class with a much higher round count anticipate. I am setting aside 400 rounds for it. I'll probably bring the SIG as the primary, but will pack the 1911 in case of failure.

I'm kinda stoked. It's a way to broaden my shooting horizons. Next thing I need is an Appleseed shoot, just to see what that's about. It'll have to come closer than Wyoming though.


breda said...

they have Appleseeds in Ohio, you could come visit.

Earl said...

They have Appleseeds almost everywhere, still working on Hawaii. I am off to Shoot Boss one tonight in Castle Rock, WA, but Idaho has some and other places this weekend especially. April 19, 1775

Elle said...

Here is a link to the Appleseed schedule.I see there is one in Gibsonburg OH ON 4/24-25,one in Miamisburg OH on 5/15-16,one in Athens OH on 5/22-23.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

None of the Appleseed shoots are within 3 hours of me

Elle said...

The zombies won't care if you've driven three hours or three minutes for your training.All they will know is that you are hitting them,and hitting them well out to 500 yards after Appleseed training and practice.

Elle said...

PS The zombies WILL drive three hours or more,perambulate,Thorazine shuffle, or however they get around if they think you have something tasty or are something tasty.