Tuesday, April 6, 2010


h/t to gunbot.

Saw a link to this and it reminded me I still need to find boots that fit.

Rather than go the catalog route I went the old fashioned way and hit up Bass Pro's shoe department to try on as many boots as I could get away with.

I ended up with this, on spec:
But they certainly can be HAD by catalog.

It had enough room in the toe for me. Merrell Chameleon 3. But the proof will be in the wearing. I'll report back if they don't work out for me.

Importantly, they are light weight and have gore-tex. Hopefully that will keep my feet dryer. Next hunting season I will probably wear these AND over shoes. I suffer in the deer stand just sitting there in the cold, and my feet are invariably soaked from treking through the dewy grass. Rubber over shoes will guarantee dryness, and will be wind proof, and add an extra layer for warmth... And the rubber over shoes arrived after the snow stopped this past February.

But this boot type is not an all-season boot.

[other boots that might fit me... Keen or Vasque, cuz they run wide. Ish]

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Old NFO said...

Merrells are pretty good ones. Not real good if you have a high arch though.