Sunday, April 18, 2010


What Would Cooper Shoot?

If he was born 50 years later. 1970. He'd be about my age (and JayG's, and Tam's etc...). Still in the Marine Corps if his career track was similar to his original life, so he'd be seeing plenty of 'elephant' in Iraq and Afghanistan. Instead of WWII and South Africa.

Just think of pistols. It'll take all week to conjecture which rifle he'd prefer.

There would be a good chance he'd still favor the 1911. Being a Marine and all, and the resurgence of the popularity for the JMB (pbuh) masterpiece. But Cooper is a big reason the 1911 is popular today, and if he hadn't existed 50 years before...

Cooper liked FMJ ball ammo. But since 1986 and the FBI spurring better hollow point ammunition (as Borepatch referenced Kim DuToit mentioning) maybe Cooper would be all about proper JHP in his paw-gatt of choice. Or not.

What say you?


Huey said...

I think Cooper would of maintained his loyalty for 230 grain "flying ashtrays" as long as he could of, I think he even went as far at one point to illustrate his point of contention after the FBI Miami shootout and the inability of hollow points to stop determined attackers. However, over time I think he would of found a place for them in his beloved 1911 as bullet technology matured and more statistical info from real life encounters could of been brought to bear. Remember it was Coop who championed IPSC, the Weaver 2 handed grip (who could imagine in this day and age that at one time you were expected to only use 1 hand to fire a pistol)and the adoption of semi autos by police departments in the first place.

Stretch said...

Col. Cooper liked the CZ-75. Only shortcoming in his eyes was its 9mm chambering. Now that the CZ-97 is available in .45acp it might find a place in Col. nightstand or holster.
I don't think any polymer framed autos would make his list.

sofa said...

In "Ride, Shoot Straight", Cooper himself wrote that if he had to pick only one long gun for home defense, he would pick a lever action in 44 mag.

It's relatively short and easy to move with indoors. It works at the shoulder and from the hip. 150 yards and in - it has accuracy, terminal effects, knock down, rapid fire, and 10 rounds in tube. If it doesn't go down with a 44mag, then you need a howitzer. And if 10 is not enough, then it's probably more than 'self defense'.

Hard to beat.

From re-reading his books and essays, I think he would...

Put a lever gun in 44 mag over the fireplace, and keep an 870 or M4 (with double 00) under the bed. And a 1911A1 with 230 gr Hydroshock in the drawer of the nightstand.

If you really have more than 150 yards to worry about, then an M1A with 175gr HPBT and a D-740 NV scope. Thermal monocle would help with detection. BC scope for daylight.

And practice, practice, practice.

That's what I think Jeff Cooper would recommend today... Wish he was here to set me straight.