Friday, April 30, 2010


I told you all about Archie, the WWII vet neighbor? The crotchety one?

Well, he used to be an auto body man. And he still has the garage set up for that. One thing I remember seeing somewhere was someone cleaning a firearm with the blower attachment off a big honkin' air compressor. And Archie has one of those.

Where did I see someone cleaning a gun with no brushes and such, just a blast of air? Oh yeah! The original AR-10 promotional. Check out the 6:18 mark:

(I love the music. It's so futuristic/progressy)

Well, it worked and it didn't. It blew off a lot of carbon, but I still needed a patch and brush to get it all. Perhaps if I let the solvent sit on the surfaces longer. Importantly, it blew carbon out of areas I can't reach with a brush. So this is the cleanest the 1911's ever been. Mainly because I am too chicken to detail strip it.

I was warned that this can be messy, so I did all the blowing inside a cardboard box. That was a good idea.


Jim said...

1. Bench stripping a 1911 isn't too tough, and Dr. Strangegun has mader it even easier with a photo essay.

An air compressor has its limitations, but I still find it indispensible. I have, in extremis, soaked assembled handguns in solvent, then blown them dry.

Mike-ENDOtactical said...

Neat video, very oldschoool!

JB Miller said...

I have that make/model AR-10.

I have the same upper as well.


Mad Saint Jack said...

Fool me once. . .

Mad Saint Jack said...


Never saw a belt fed AR-10 before.

I learned something new today.

Thank you.

Roberta X said...

There's parts of a 1911 that can't be got to?