Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 Year

3 Year Anniversary today. Wow. Not so New at this, am I.

And YOU said I wouldn't stick with it.

Posted nearly every day. The only big gap is that vacation at the beginning I wasn't able to prepare for. Then it was just single skips.

I shoulda wrote a novel instead. Or 4. Problem is, I got no plot in my head. And free-association works bug me.

So, after all this time and shooting experience, how can I still describe myself as 'New'? Easy! I'm clueless, and a slow learner. And I forget a lot. I might as well be a rank beginner.


Marty said...

Hey! Let's plot a novel this summer. One with excellent gun content. Maybe Zombies! And Spam!

Borepatch said...


Hat Trick said...


I certainly never said you wouldn't stick to it. I've been reading your blog for almost two of those three years.

Patrick said...

Happy Blogday

BobG said...

W00t! Congratulations.

Steve said...

Congrats!!!! They do have the same bday!!!