Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Range Day in July

After a range week hiatus I showed up with the snubbie.

BOY did my shooting stink up the joint. It took about 3 cylinders to settle in and get used to the little DA again.

Practice people. We gotta practice.

I even got a small blister. Just 75 rounds and I got a blister. Well, man up, and charge on.

The 2 Marines shooting some narrow .40 in the lane to my left were positioned perfectly to throw brass into my shirt pocket. And my pants cuff, as I found out an hour later when going to buy beer for the weekend. Ting! Ting-ting! Oh, explain THAT to the other patrons.

Here's the first target. The first 15 are masked by 16+. Pick the worst 15 holes on there, and assume those were the first 15 shots.

I was still settled at the second target. But still... it was a light shooting day.


aaronspuler said...

I went out the range on the 5th (my birthday). No write-up of it yet. Was testing out some firearms on loan from Armalite :)

I did get around to finally posting my range report from a few weeks prior though. You can see it at

Anonymous said...

You seemed to have settled down a bit on that last taget.
Better than what I could do.