Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting Old

In blog years.

I was reflecting back, having his that big milestone of '3 years' a few back... (3 blog years? That's like 21 in people years.) We all have little inspirations that started us down this blog path. Our big influences. People that sort of showed the way that, "Yes, I can write a short column nigh every day. Writing is fun. And here is a subject matter with untapped potential that I can sound." My initial inspiration were Denise and Yosemite at Ten Ring, Alphecca, Armed Canadian, and they got me to View From the Porch and Kim Du Toit. From there it just snowballed into the blog list on the right.

Ten Ring, Du Toit, and Armed Canadian don't write much anymore. I wish they did. Kim even took down his archives, and that makes me sad. I thought for a while we were going to lose Jeff at Alphecca, and since his economic difficulties he doesn't shoot as much as he used to. He still writes, tho.

I guess when it starts to become a chore more than something you enjoy it will fall off. Or maybe you've said all you needed to say. Or maybe the bookselves fell on you last November and you've been trapped under something heavy ever since.

Getting old. Many of my old friends are gone.


Patrick said...

Be thankful for new friends? :)

Windy Wilson said...

I can understand why Kim DuToit took down his archives. I would have too, if I needed every dollar for important stuff.
I would buy a dead tree version of his essays in a heartbeat.

Mike W. said...

It really bothered me that Kim took down his archives.

His site was a wealth of information.

Congrats on 3 years old man!