Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rat on Top Shot

I saw the spoilers already...


CALEB IS THE RAT... Or something. Let's see what that is all about.

So let me semi 'live' blog via hulu right now. We already know it's flintlocks. Kentucky Long Rifle. I love these rifles. Ever since the Gunsmith of Williamsburg film I saw in 9th grade. A lot of 'manual' elevation issues. Aim higher the futher the target is at.

Caleb has experience with these front stuffers! I had no idea. Cool!

During the house chats, the blue teams worries about Blake and JJ, two world class shooters. And Caleb doesn't sound comfortable with ganging up.

Adam and others are going through back channels trying to bump off the strongest shooter, and Caleb ain't cool with BUT he goes through back channels to sound the alarm. I got that much from Calebs blog kibbutz.

Ick. Adam... did the show make you look worse than you actually are in IRL?

Ok, who on this show was/is not an obnoxious jerk in front of the camera. There is an incident with 80% of the people on this. Man I hate reality shows. Either a person acts a classless punk, a cocky bully, or a sneaky bastard, or a whiny wuss, or a salty ass. It makes me hate humanity, these shows.

I wonder how long Adam will last after this show? Can he keep his political coalition together? Is it HIS coalition or is he just the loudmouth catching the arrows for the TRUE power behind the coalitions throne... Tune in next week... Same TopShot time, same TopShot channel.

Anyway. On the actual challenge with all those nerves from the team confrontation. JJ on blue on the line of the "10-ring". Brad on red gets even closer. Andre on red hit practically a bull. Tara on blue has to beat that, and hit outside 10-ring. Blake on blue, with MANY hangfires, gets the swap out rifle, and gets the 8-ring. Denny on red in the 9-ring. So that's red team up 3-0. Kelly on red almost misses, but Iain DOES miss. 4-0 red.

The FAR target is worth 4 point and Caleb, blue, is up and can even it up. No pressure or nothing!!! Miss. Just off paper. Red wins.

"I've been the bad guy before, I can take the heat," said Adam. I wonder how many times he finds himself the bad guy in his life? Maybe he needs to think about that and why that is. He look even worse at the post show chat pre-elimination selection.

So it's head to head Adam and Caleb, the folks with a beef. Or one has a beef.

Shooting a Winchester 73! Cool. Lever rifle action! They said 'pistol caliber' but didn't say specifically, but you can look that up. Or what was available. .44-40 probably.

Adam is still griping! Sheesh, let it go! Kelly is more the man this ep. KELLY!

If Adam is still on the show in 2 eps will he still be complaining about Caleb? He thinks this will be over is Caleb is eliminated and he remains. Doesn't he realize that his behavior will extend to the rest of the competition and to other shooting competitons for the rest of his shooting career? Everyone on this show will be famous forever with other shooters, after all.

Ooo, the box says .44 caliber. So it is .44-40 if it is a historically accurate piece.

It was an exciting shooting display, shooting the 'hangman's rope.' But Caleb loses by a hair.

Next week, SA revolvers.

There is one last post game interview of Caleb here if you don't want to watch the whole thing on hulu. Good point, he makes. This would be a great show without the interpersonal drama as the competition drama is pretty darn good all by itself. And Caleb is all class at the end. He won't go to shooting events with people going 'you're that whiny guy from Top Shot' and suchlike. Unless Adam is at the same event. He'll need to try to deflect some of the criticism towards him, maybe...

Goram reality shows.

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