Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Head Game

I was thinking on how I shoot the SA revolver pretty good. For me. I’m pleased with that.

But wait, my 1911 is SA, and the trigger is pretty darn good. Not quite as light as the Smiths, but still nice. I should be able to perform similarly.

So why not? Why do I shoot the 1911 low and right? That group that is low and right is even tightening up. It’s an equipment problem I think. And that’s the equipment between my ears. It’s not the gun. Good shooters like my Springfield Loaded 1911 and complement me on the good pistol I managed to own.

I just need to ‘think’ that I am shooting the 686 when squeezing the trigger on the .45. Maybe I should pretend to cock the hammer… Anyway. Next pistol range session I am bringing just the 1911.

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