Saturday, July 31, 2010


Since the budget cuts of early 2009, RoMERO’s cryptography and other comms equipment has been very dear. Yet some way of hiding the truth from civilians must be employed to avoid mass panic among the ignorant. Improvisation has always been a trait of the RoMERO units. The following posts are selected message traffic from New Jovian Thunderbolt during his current deployment to parts unknown.

The code is not as robust as modern alternatives, but it does limit prying eyes from all but the most knowledgeable or persistent innocent non-combatants.

Apparently, Mr. Thunderbolt had an Enigma simulator with him in the field as an entertaining distraction during downtimes, and a colleague outside the AO (area of operations) was also known by him to have one in their possession. When his element experienced almost total comms failure he was still able to send a signal via a keyed mic, and by this was able to transmit crude morse, after a fashion, thereby.

It is unclear why he hasn’t resorted to one-time pads for his encryption, but conjecture is the pads were destroyed in the same circumstances that disabled some of his comms gear.

Raw traffic is as follows:

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