Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

What with being disappointed with the 'R' in NRA not standing for Republican, and the usual George Will stuff against guns, and even Jonah Goldberg of National Review ratcheting up his Metrocon creds... (et tu Jonah? What will the Couch think?)

It's all leading up to how the NRA will be thrown under the bus when the GOP regains power in 2010 and 2012. President Pawlenty will probably nominate some hoplophobe to SCOTUS in 2013 to replace Kennedy and veto a buncha pro-gun-rights Bills for 'public safety rights' reasons. Just to punish the NRA for it's supposed thought crimes and for being a good single issue org and not being Republican. The squishes in the Republican party are even now building the foundation, brick by brick, for such perfidy.


~pant ~pant ~pant

Perhaps I, too, should re-examine before flying off the handles. But look, generally, respecting the 2nd Amendment is a conservative value. The Republican party is generally a conservative party. That is the only reason why the GOP and NRA often dovetail. When it comes to base power-seeking political sausage making where the purpose goes beyond principal then the 2 groups can and do diverge. All is well as long as the GOP doesn't fantasize that the NRA (and most other gun rights groups) is something more than it is.


Fred!/Palin 2012!

That ticket wouldn't nominate a 2nd Amendment squish to the Supreme Court.


Boat Guy said...

Fred/Palin gets my vote!!!
Wonderful fantasies aside, the problem is that the Republican Party has HARDLY been "conservative" in recent years. More conservative than the Democrats, sure, but that's not saying much...
More importantly, it's not saying ENOUGH. The key is to support honest-to-God conservative candidates regardless of their "brand". The GOP has got to understand that if they want to win they have to QUIT being "Socialist Party B" and stand FOR something besides "Well, we're not as bad as THOSE people". That dog don't hunt...
As an aside, I've never held that the "R" in "NRA" stands for Republican and given the email leak about the National Park Carry Bill, I'm no longer sure the "R" stands for "Rifle".
Chuck Heston, where ARE you? Please come back...

Newbius said...


Unless I can't count, there are only 6 non-"A"-rated Republican senators serving right now. McCain, Gregg, Lugar, Voinovich, and the "Maine Twins" Collins and Snowe.

The Dems are the reverse. They only have 6 or 8 "A"-rated Senators in total, Mostly, they are "F" or "D". My research shows me that the House is similarly distributed.

As gun rights go, so goes the Republic.

Vinosaur said...

Palin?? Really? She has honestly done no good for the party. Sure she is easy on the eyes and pretty intelligent, but I can't trust her. Despite still spewing the same rhetoric AND campaigning for McCain who she touts as a maveric. The man is a a washed up has been that should leave office. No maveric there and she won't get my vote. Fred, I'd go out and ring door bells and shake hands for Fred. Palin however is bad news.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Done no good for the party? Isn't money good? She raised more of it for the GOP than the next 5 'candidate-hopefuls' combined since Obama's inauguration.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

"More than the next 5" is an exagerration, prolly.

Vinosaur said...

I'll agree with the raising money part, but she really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Don't get me wrong, I love a strong like minded independant woman that works hard for what she believes in, but something about her makes the small hairs on my neck stand up.