Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Red Team Goat

Watched TopShot on Hulu. Even though Caleb isn't on it and the drama is getting annoying. I'll probably quit after Adam get's his come-uppance. If he does. For all I know he won the $100,000. I imaging he is the goat on the Blue team. The goat on the Red team is Kelly. In both cases it is a maturity level and personality that rubs other teammates, and me, the wrong way.

THIS ep appears to be about some sort of shooting gallery based on other reviews. Let me watch the show now...

~spoilers follow~

Denny's kind of event. Colt Single Action Army revolver. Peacemaker. Cowboy up.

Blake, the shooting competition guy, prefers modern arms in the interview.

And Chris the cop trainer no likey either, based on the interview. The both feel out of their comfort zone.

Two folks on Red own a SAA. But Blue has more pistol shooters.

Hey it IS a olde timey arcade shootin' gallery. Blue team has to have a guy sitting out and Blake is that guy.

The weather is kinda misty/rainy and blustery.

They have to load and shoot 50 targets, one player after another, 10 rounds each.

Hey I didn't know the Peacemaker only had 5 rounds in the cylinder? Huh? That can't be right. Maybe they only loaded 5 out of that tradition of placing an empty cylinder under the hammer while in the holster.

Whoa! Denny on Red had some misses. 8 out of 10. Only 2 hits. What the? Andre hits 4 out of 10. Kelly wasn't good. No one really excelled on Red. And Red Team runs out of time. Blue had a lot more accuracy. I think going second hurt the Red Team, fight the nerves of the clock.

And on to the Red's Elimination Challenge...

Who to vote for? Everyone was disappointed in their performance, pretty much. So politics and drama take over. Cripes. More shooty, less whiney. The only thing holding me here is wanting to see justice done. The show producers are smart and probably know it. I bet they angle it to hook me along to hold my eyeballs on. Bastards. Hollywood Bastards.

So it's Andre and Kelly in the finals. Fack. It could have been just about anyone performance wise. And Brad is the Judas on the tiebreaker. But the two fellows seem pretty classy with each other. So at least no more drama there. Danke Gott im Himmel.

Kelly's third elimination challenge. Baptism of fire for the young guy. Man, if he wins the $100,000, even with slips in interpersonal relationship, Kelly will be the MAN.

FACK that chucklehead Adam on Blue team. Badmouthing Denny, pressuring Denny.

The final challenge still has the Peacemaker. Accuracy is stressed this time. Kelly's forte is rifle accuracy. Andre is a former Marine and that helps. Both started out high, and with this pistol, apparently, you have to bury that post a little.

There will be only 4 Red team members after this.

The Challenge is poker...

Shoot the playing card you want. 7 shots. Best hand stays.

What? The players don't know the rules of poker very well! Cripes. Shoot all aces. Or royal straight flush. This is basic Americana, people!

Oh, they have a chart for them. Phew.

Kelly ace of hearts... Andre ace of spades...

Goin for the flush Kelly gets KQJ hearts... Andre gets KQJ spades

Kelly tries for the block... Oh my. And misses the 10 spades. Andre hits it. But Kelly went first so he can hit the 10 of hearts...

Wow, tiebreaker is using the same deck to win another hand, but 5 shots. Andre 2 of spades, and Kelly misses ace of clubs, now it get's complicated....

Kelly: miss, 5 of spades as a block then 5 of hearts, 5 of clubs...

Andre: 2, 6, 4 spades, then 4 of hearts (!) and now Andre can't win. Maybe should have gone for a straight and hope Kelly missed. Poker beat him, not the gun handling. He never missed.

And Kelly stays in the game.

Trick shooting next week.


JB Miller said...

I still like this show a lot. It is showing how shooting can be fun!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

there is that positive aspect to the show. making shooting more accessible.

hmmmm... top shot with just novices...