Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Day At Hap Baker Range

I went to the range with my brother and his GF, my ex GF last weekend. As usual I learned stuff about myself.

I do have a newer camera. It's not that good, and I'm not that good a photographer, it turns out.

I don’t have many good pics to show, as with all 4 of us shooting it is hard to discern whose holes are whose.

I pushed out the target to a full 50 feet to try some hunting style single action shots. ALL my .38 stuff with the 6” 686 were on the 8x8 target. NONE of the 8” 629 shooting full power .44 magnum were on. I was drifting down and lest this time with that gun. Either we shook the sights loose, or, more likely, I was anticipating the gawdawful boom and throwing the shot off. Still, I didn’t know that about myself with the 686. I can shoot it pretty well, pretty far. Good. Here is the full distance:

Can't see the holes on the bottom target? Ok:

I thought I missed. Only five? Dang. The sixth was still in the cylinder.

I broke out the .380 Colt Pocket Hammerless because my bro and his best gal hadn’t shot that yet. Hey, I kinda like this little guy. It’s been a while and my skill has changed since the last time. And the thing has the stiffest SA trigger of all my stuff. But it was shooting very well for me. That sharp little tiny front sight seemed to be lining up well in the notch. The first round of a magazine was off because of the stiff trigger, but the second, when I was used to the pull, was spot on. (My trigger pull is still too jerk. I need to practice more with a real semi auto SA trigger to get that mojo back that I had briefly. I’ve been concentrating on DA exclusively lately.)

I recognize this one. Most of the .22 on the bottom target are mine. And I was casually aiming at that upper quadrant. It was also late in the session. The bigger hole in the lower left are SA .44 mag. I was getting flinchy with it. The stuff in the middle in .38 +p. All me. The high shots on the upper right are the Brother's GF's. Left target is Saucy Trollops with her XD Fohty and Fohty Fo.

The 617 .22… I can often shoot the whole cylinder, Single Action, at the equivalent of a Lucky Strike cigarette pack at 8 yards without a problem. Most shots will land in the logo of the pack. So that is good too. (well, there are the occasional flyer, for me)

Oh. It’s still a SIGNIFICANT EVENT to be standing next to someone shooting that big ‘ol .44 magnum of the ex-gf. It’s a smile-inducing event, but still.

After Brother's best Gal settled down she shot these .22 and .38 all single action. I think she has the 686's windage down pat:

After shooting we like to go to Johannsons brewpub in Westminster, but on Sundays they only have a $19 buffet. Scroo that! But they did open a sister restaurant across the street. LOVELY ambiance in 150 year old stone building, with an Irish theme. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a nice antique wood carving.

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Old NFO said...

ANY day at the range is a good one, and more triggertime WILL improve the shooting!