Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top Shot AR Friend or Foe

Ok, I have forgiven hulu. They eventually put up ep4 of Top Shot.

I need the fodder, you see...

This episode is all about the AR and all about shooting the target and NOT shooting the thing that looks like a target, but is really a 'friendly'. And you don't know which is which until the last second.

As the host said, "I, your host, say, 'Judgment'." Or something.

The trainer is/was a SEAL.

Shoot the black, leave the white, and do it fast fast fast, or...

Shoot the white, leave the black, and do it fast fast fast.

The classic-rifle guy, Jim, on the blue team is SLOW in the practice, and Blake and JJ are fast. Iain, the Brit, made some errors.

On red, there are a couple Marines, and they did fine. Brad did good in practice, and he's been in the elimination twice. Kelly is also not used to speedy rifle. But all in all, the red team did better in the dry run than blue.


The actual challenge... Adds memory to the mix, like the game Concentration. They show the target, then cover it, then you shoot the grid printed on the cover but only at specified color. If you are on red team, remember where the blue targets team.

Blue team ended up having Iain, JJ, and Blake to sit out.

Hey, look at Caleb! 5 of 7. Not shabby.

Even the players that did poorly are still doing pretty good on this challenge, I notice. No negative scores. I would have gotten a negative score.

Peter on Red cleaned up at his turn making it mathematically impossible for Blue to catch up.

And Blue take a cavalier attitude toward the challenging selection of the elimination... challenge... selectees... But I kinda like it. Shows cameraderie. Like they are gelling as a team. We'll see how that works out over time. And it is the TV shows job to drive some drama in the team's unified front so let's see.

Jim was selected, as he had the lowest score and pretty much volunteered. And Iain was selected because he insisted they others select him.

~'live' blog~

The elimination challenge! Oh crap! MOVING targets. And pistols. I'm guess Iain wins before I even see the event. TZ99 from South Africa? Wow, never heard of that 9mm handgun before now... Ah, it's a SIG clone. Thought it looked kinda familiar. Iain, being a Brit mil type, prolly knows this handgun... And he does. He's FAST.

The trainer brings up that Jim is methodical and that might help him if Iain is too confident or rushes...

Jim is looking confident and seems to be having fun after practice.

And the big show. Swinging random red targets among no-shoot blue targets, swing swing swing. DANG. I'd do well hitting targets if I was there. Hitting the wrong targets.

And they are like 10 yards away!

I take it back, If I was there I'd hit nothing.

Iain is first. Hits all 3, but with .6 seconds left. Wow.

Jim is gonna lose...

Nope, all 3, and with 1.7 seconds left! Double Wow!

Ooops, I didn't notice Jim nicked a blue. What a great round. Too bad Jim has to go after that.

Next show...

Muzzle loader long rifle next week, and Blue team drama. Ah well.

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Keystone said...

I kinda thought that the elimination challenge results were a bit baloney - the blue target Jim hit was in sync with the red target, there was no way he'd be able to hit the red without hitting the blue. If they had timed the released better, they'd have had to have a tie breaker. The fact that Blue ganged up on him like that was kinda crap, too.