Sunday, November 21, 2010

Accuracy 2

Update: Since composing the previous post I went on a little range trip or two. I noticed that the shots were better when I thought only of the trigger. When I thought maybe I should grip tighter then accuracy fell off. When I caught myself and thought trigger the shots got better. It's not great shooting but it is noticeably better. I will compare again in the future. Shoot 6 thinking about another aspect, shoot 6 focusing like a laser on trigger control only. If results are similar, the habit will be mentally reinforced by better results, and with time maybe I can get it to stick.

Also, and unrelated to generic trigger control, I shoot an XD better than just about anything. I need to keep exploring that. Sell both the SIG and the 1911 and buy a few of the exact same XD model, a primary and spares. Maybe that's just the gun for me and has been all along. Of course I had to tread this path to make this discovery. Had I bought an XD originally I'd have gotten a hankering for other types. But then I'd return back to the XD if I really was best at it, wouldn't I?

I should give up the conceit about my favoring other pistols and just go with the model I shoot best, now I that know a bit more, and better. Even go so radical as to ditch my .45s and stick to just .40.

Here is a target showing the comparisons with my .40 Sig.

Heck, XD is the model I recommend to new shooters.

But it requires more and extensive testing. Borrow/Rent an XD and shoot 200 rounds, solo, in one session, and see if it holds up. Why did I get the Sig P229 in the first place, after all? I shot a buddie's and I was really accurate with it, and liked the feel. I need to confirm it's not as flukish with the XD like it may have been with the minor 2 magazine exposure to the Sig prior to purchase. That's it's not just a matter of the planets aligning.

So much for my favorites and trying to get away from thinking about gear upgrades/changes. But I won't rush.


Added plus? The XD is slimmer than the Sig, and I'd been wanting slimmer...


Another point... when I get the trigger thing perma-fixed, that should drift the shot group from low and right to just a little low. I'm low because of anticipatory push. Pre flinch, drops the muzzle. That's gotten better over time, but it will be there if I don't fix it, too. I dunno why I don't have XD anticipatory push. It's probably because I don't know when the trigger is going to break on the XD because I haven't shot one enough to find it. Whatcha bet if I had 500 rounds through one I'd drop the group? A point against rushing out and buying one or three.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Best thing for the flinch is something called a ball and dummy drill. Get a partner to load either a live round or a dummy round and then you shoot it. Do 10 live round at a ratio of about 1 live to 2 or 3 dummies. Works like a charm

JB Miller said...

I don't flinch anymore because I shot my .44mag so much. My son tell me I don't even blink.

Get use to that and my 1911 seems like a nothing.

Old NFO said...

You can do what JB did, or you can get a .22 plinker and work on trigger control and flinch... The .22 will DEFINITELY show any bad tendancies, and is a good platform to work those out of your habit patterns.