Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to Renew

My Range Membership. At my local cheaper range, On Target.

It's only $175 to renew. And if you go once a month it pays for it self. I went every week there for a little while and need to get back. Maybe I'll go today...

I should build a range in the basement. You can do that, you know. Even in Maryland. Make a pretty long one, too. A private range in my state is no real concern of the authorities if it's below ground level. A way to make one is to dig a trench out from the basement wall and put in cement stormdrain pipe going out from a hole in the wall to the property line. The hard part is ventilation and lighting and waterproofing. Oh, and going out to a hatch in a shed to change out a target. But to have the opportunity to shoot daily might be wonderful... Certainly for a while.

If i get the gumption to go this afternoon, I think I'll bring the 2 possible CCW pistols. The snubbie and the Sig P229.


Paladin said...

I like the idea of a range at home too... but we don't have basements for the most part here in Texas.

My usual gun range? Its outdoors, but shooting stations are covered and lighted. Lots of 100 yd and 50 yd rifle slots, and a pistol range with several target stands each at 3, 7, 15, and 25 yard distances. Oh.. they also have 4 shotgun stations with clay pigeon launchers.

Lifetime membership is $20 - the card only expires when you do :) All day shooting priveleges anywhere you want on the range for a modest $10 a day.

Is this Heaven?.... No. It's Texas :)

Earl said...

clothes line pulley for taking targets down to the end of the range and back, I keep thinking of the Little Rascals when I think about clothes line pulley for moving stuff...

or you could just pretend that video is the same as paper, and only shoot bits and bytes on monitors... sigh