Monday, November 29, 2010

Problems with Walking Dead

Ok. It's been long enough that this won't be a spoiler for the 4th ep.

Let's say you are a group hiding out from the zombies with your backs to a quarry. That's good, the zed can't approach from that direction. It does make it harder for you to escape... but nevermind.

You're close enough to a major population center to go scavenging there. So while that big national forest LOOKS empty it might not stay that way.

And in fact, a zombie beat your crossbow hunter to a deer he shot, and that was right outside camp. That single zombie is dispatched easily enough, but not you KNOW a shamblor can get to your campsite. And that's all your are is. A campsite. Some aluminum RVs and nylon tents.

So how do you prep now that you know the zeds can find you?

Well the people on the TeeVee said after the scare, "Let's be a little more careful and keep a better eye out."

Tragedy occurs the next night.

There is so much more they could have done. Found a building they could barricade. Put up a log pallisade. They could have moved to a smaller town with fewer zombies a bit further out and just run over the walkers they found there until the town was for the living only. SOMETHING. Nope. Surprise! Found your camp at the local wilderness area. Oh well.

One other thing... You saw some survivors with motorcycle helmets and a some kind of body armor and baseball bats in the city. But they don't wear them, again... I'd hardly take them off.

I can see some folks acting a bit irrationally in the circumstances. But we have a name for that kind of people: "Corpse Snack" Everyone is gonna be dead in this group before the second season ends.

[update: 5th ep spoiler... Well they might survive. They took a chance and lucked out looking for and finding a more secure location.]


Huey said...

Amen to least put a couple of the vehicles together to form a horseshoe or something to defend behind...

Bubblehead Les. said...

I've come to the conclusion that this show is more for entertainment rather than for Zombie Survival Knowledge. "We're out of gas ! What do we do?" Uh, Siphon Hose? Maybe a pan and a screwdriver and a hammer? "Where can we be safe?" Some place that looks like it was built in the 20's out of solid brick and mortar that has a clear field of fire, like an old school? Oh, well, what are you going to do? I'm waiting for the Politicalization scene where everything is declared Bush's fault, myself.

Anonymous said...

I hope that they encounter smart well prepared group.

...And are turned away.