Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ooops, that could be bad...

I live in MD so CCW outside the home is very frowned up.

But I do CCWIH (conceal carry weapon in home) both for practice for when I am travelling outside the state in the 30 odd states that have no problem with me doing so (UTAH CCW) and as a precaution against the unlikely event of home invasion. And it's getting to be pretty comfortable. Most times I don't even notice I'm doing it.

The danger is when I run out of coffee beans and bacon and need to pop out to the local bulk unprepared sustenance purveyor, grabbing my coat and heading to the door... Uh oh. I better leave this here.

I haven't gotten outdoors forgetting about this little bit of steel, but I came close once or twice. I must never. Thank goodness for SAF's court case, and I'm glad I support them. Maybe in a year or two forgetting I'm carrying won't be an issue. Have you considered supporting them?

But the same applies to all the rest of you. You can get cross threaded with the law in Alaska Vermont and Arizona even by walking into a post office, school, or courthouse, so be careful and alert out there for more than just threats.


JB Miller said...

When you holster your gun in the house just drop your car keys in your gun safe.

It will remind you to trade one for the other.

Laura said...

have been supporting them for a few months...really hoping something comes of this.

Nancy R. said...

Two life memberships were bought yesterday.