Monday, November 22, 2010

Zombie Squad Forums

Huh. I'd think there would be more gunnies at the forum for Zombie Prep and Defense.

They did a meme of "Quick, defend yourself: What do you have on hand RIGHT now" type thread that is 18 pages long and counting. Some are like you'd expect from pure gunnies, with several firearms, ready to go, plenty of ammo. Others have one pistol with lots of ammo, some bolt guns with half a dozen rounds and that's about it. Some have an electric fan, or a Swingline stapler to meet the foe at the door, the one hungry for "Brains, tasty braaaaaaaaaains." One has an xBox controller to hand.

It's a good exercise in mental inventory to remind folks what they are lacking, and I know we do it all the time.

Me? I have a snubbie on me. A longer six shot .357 in the next room in a little gunsafe. With it there is a key to my larger gunsafe. In there is a .40 with 72 rounds in magazines and a 1911 with 42 rounds. Also there is a 5 shot 12 gauge with a buttcuff full to load from, plus a bandolier of many more rounds. An M1A, loaded but not in battery, with over 200 rounds in magazines in a pouches I can grab along with it. There is a Garand with an ammo belt that hold 10 clips that are ready, plus numerous other guns, naturally, of less utility. There is ammo for all the above in there in boxes. More than enough for me to defend myself, both immediately, and with 5 minutes warning, assuming I am fully dressed. I'd go for the M1A and the paddle-holstered 1911 in the gun cabinet to add to the pistol I have.

Also, in there I have load bearing web gear is ready to go with helpful items, like canteen. There is a backpack I can throw a battle pack and a down MREs into, if it goes beyond mere defense. It has other camping gear, too. The only missing is a tent and extra clothes and I can be a week in the woods. If I hole up at home there is a month of ready to eat food here in long term storage. There is also plenty of rice and dried beans and peas. Another month or two of food that way. My weakness is bottle drinking water. I'll have to go for alternative sources like the hot water heater in less than a month. Other weapons include knives and garden tools, but why would I need them? Those are fine if I get caught in my car away from home. I have a mallet for pounding in tent stakes that I leave in the car, the tire iron, and a shovel in the winter, normally, plus the bugout bag with poncho, extra clothes and other devices like a compass and flashlight to go with my pocket knife. I need to figure out a water storage system I am comfortable leaving in the car. I've added a fire extinguisher since I pulled that one guy out of his mangled car. I was just going to leave him be to avoid exacerbating his numerous injuries, but then the flames started coming out from under his hood and decided the matter and proper course of action for us. It would have better if I had a fire extinguisher and nipped the flames in the bud, allowing him to sit where he was. But he ended up being alright after healing. No damage from the extra exertions.

Yes, yes, if my relatives knew I was at this level of preparedness they'd think me... odd... maybe. But among survalists, they'd think me woefully inadequate and looking at the world through rose colored glasses. I like to think I have struck a balance. Future enhancement are... not too much. Big ticket items like a home extension that allows me a woodstove would be something I'd do, and enjoy outside of emergencies. A better water storage and management system is also on my list. Not too much beyond that. More canned goods, naturally. A dream is property in the country away from crazy people as a precautionary retreat area. And a place I can hunt during normal times. I need more candles.

So I'm crazy but not TOO crazy. I'd sail through a Katrina equivalent with what I have now without having to venture out. I could even succor some less prepared neighbors. Five pounds of rice can go along way for someone whose refrigerator thawed and rotted and they are into the cocktail onions for sustenance.

By the way: Has anyone left bottled water in the car year round with no ill effect from the heating and freezing a car is subjected with? I should also put some food in that BOB.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Hey T-Bolt. Regarding the bottled water, here's what works for me. Purchase some of those 1/2 gallon Cranberry/Apple Juice/whatever you like to drink bottles from the grocery store. They should be kinda square looking, and be made of clear plastic. Drink the contents, wash them out with hot soapy water and REGULAR BLEACH (scented stuff will kill you!), and don't forget the lid (this removes any juice residue). When clean, replace with clean tap water and a couple of drops of the bleach (eyedroppers run about a buck at the drug store). Leave about 2 inches from the top for expansion. If you get a file folder crate (they look like milk crates, but they're rectangular, I get mine from Wally World for about $3-5), they'll hold 9 bottles, which gives you about 4.5 gallons in a square container that'll fit in your trunk nicely. But the trick is to rotate your stock of water every 6 months. If you purchase a case of regular bottled water, it'll expire in about 6 months, and those small bottles aren't as durable.

Been doing this for a few years, and never had any problem with freezing/thawing, and you know how close I am to Lake Erie and the Snow Belt.

As to food, can't go wrong with Tuna Fish and small jars of peanut butter. No cooking needed, just a can opener/P-38/P-51/"John Wayne" and a spoon to eat it.

Also, a small Esbit stove is good to have, in case you want to boil some water for tea/coffee/instant soup/instant oatmeal.

Matter of fact, send me an email with a mailing address and I'll flip you some of my extra survival stuff that you can put in your BOB. Don't worry about the money, I tend to buy in bulk and have many extras just in case I have to outfit stragglers during a Level 4 outbreak. Take care.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Aw, you don't gotta send me nothing, Les. Thanks anyway.

JB Miller said...

I have about 600 rounds of .223 in mags for my AR15 and Mini-14s. 230 rounds of .308 in mags for the AR10. 70 rounds of .45 in Glock mags. 200 rounds of 9mm in mags. 250 of .22lr in mags. Random other cals in mags.

A lot of food and water.

Anonymous said...

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