Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm not accurate. And I hate that.

Fix me!

Ok, ok, there is no magic wand to wave. I don't think even the greatest trainer could put a dent in me. Other than by doing one thing: Hit me on the head every time I stop thinking about my trigger control.

I practice a bit. More than average now. The stance comes natural now. I am focusing on the front sight. I have diagnosed, and I am nearly certain I am right, that my rushing and lack of focus always always always shows up in spotty performance with trigger control. And I have never heard anyone say the trigger control isn't THE most important thing. Everybody says that and I am convinced that everybody is right. For those who good trigger work comes naturally, you are indeed fortunate, and I am jealous.

I need to tape a sign to the inside of my shooting glasses: SQUEEEEEEEZE, dammit.

Mentally getting over the recoil is a factor, but less of one now with all my trigger time.

I hope I can beat this thing, or I am ever going to be average to below average with my shooting, by my standards.


Carteach said...

Have a pistol with a laser? Have a dot on the wall? I sentence you to fifty rounds of dry fire every day, until you can keep the laser on the dot through the entire trigger pull.

TotC said...

Your idea of taping something inside your glasses isn't all that far off. Having hung around amateur sports car racers for a long time, they tend to put a little blurb about something on their steering wheels. Usually, it is something so elemental that it is surprisiing they would need that bit of advice, but hey, I guess we are all just human, and prone to forgetting things sometimes.

deadcenter said...

first, dry fire, dry fire, dry fire, dry fire and when you're tired of dry fire, dry fire some more. 80% dry 20% live is not a bad ratio for practicing.

2nd, compete. Find a local club and join the competition, if you don't already.

3rd, there's no such thing as naturally being good on a trigger, it's practice practice practice that makes one good.

4th, tighten your grip, that should help shrink your groups as it, usually, aids in keeping the gun rising and falling in the same plane during recoil.

Huey said...

Do they host Project Appleseed shoots where you are at?

Great getting back to basics style instruction centered around being able to engage a 20" plate target at 500 yards at the end of can shoot the basic course with a 10/22 to save ammo costs...look it up really worth the time...the guy who started it runs Fred's M14 Stocks and the instruction was what was once taught on the M1/ will learn how to use a sling properly too

Anonymous said...

Trash talk, won't do you any good either. "Can't" is a four letter word.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

What are you talking about, Anon?