Wednesday, November 24, 2010

TSA again

Something occurs.

Everyone on both sides pretty much agrees that the new TSA procedures aren't making us any safer. But honest cynics on that side admit, and the sharp on our side recognize that it's not about that. It never was. It's just not the purpose of this exercise.

You know, submitting to Authority isn't making us any 'safer', either.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Also heard this morning that DHS wants to scrap the Color Code on the Terrorist Threat Level because "it's too vague" and they want to publish "specific threats" to various cities. This from an Agency that had no idea there was threat from the Underwear Bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Ft. Hood Shooter, and the Bomb-laden Printers that were sent via Commercial Freight.

Funny thing is, the Color Code is just a variation of what Col. Cooper came up with decades ago, and it was designed to be used everywhere. Perhaps these fools need to write on the Blackboard a thousand times "Keep It Simple, Stupid".

Old NFO said...

KISS works, but that it too easy...