Saturday, November 20, 2010

List Update

Well, not really.

But I've been thinking of near term expenditures. I have a training class lined up, so money for that. I will need another one, too.

Of equipment:

I've talked about a 4X scope and rings to mount up by Marlin 1894c.

An Eotech and scout rail for the M1A is good bet, too.

I should probably actually buy a plain Jane 10/22, some extra mags, and an aftermarket peep sight, and zero it in. In case an Appleseed shows up and I can get to it, I should be prepared with something practical to take to it.

Ammo, naturally, to replace any used in practice.

That's about it. No new pistol, no new rifle. I always have a little extra money hanging around in case a friend or associate wants to get rid of some firearms, but who knows what that will bring in over the transom? Single shot 12 gauge? I'd take it, if the price was right. It wouldn't be used much.


ZerCool said...

I picked up a H&R 20ga single earlier this year simply because the price was right. It's not fancy at all, but for barebones utility, it's tough to beat. I expect I'll turn it into a beater truck gun at some point.

Boat Guy said...

Recently spent some time with my friend whose classes I commended to you; when I mentioned that our M-4's had EOTechs on them he responded that he'd seen many of them fail during training.
Caveat Emptor.
We've not experienced any problems but he sees more stuff being used more intensely than we do...