Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Walking Dead ep 2

Wow. That was a considerably graphic nookie scene for a basic cable TV program.

I am unfamiliar with the a pistol I saw and have to look it up on imfdb. Ah. It’s a S&W 3913

I knew that pistol that the handcuffed racist guy had until Deputy Hero took it away. A Browning Hi-Power. Nice. Him getting handcuffed to a fitting on a city building roof will provide a plot point for later, I am sure. He also had a bolt action rifle with a scope.

A zombie apocalypse will be a wonderful time to gunnies and hunters and country boys. Especially the latter. A lifetime of skills build up that have little commercial value will suddenly be called upon. Now if they can only some of them can overcome their racial issues. Not that all have that. But this one in the show sure does.

Update: On the power of the first episode and the rating it pulled in to basic cable for a 10-midnight pilot, and a strong showing for the second episode, AMC has ALREADY renewed Walking Dead for a second season of 13 episodes. Ohboyoboyoboy. I hope it stays good and doesn't go off the rails. Like BSG did.


Phillip said...

So far, the show's being fairly true to the comic. I was very impressed with the comic itself, and its emphasis on being safe with firearms and insisting that everyone who could learn to shoot should have and carry a gun if it was possible.

The comic was very good with guns and gun handling, as well as very explicit about many things and very factual about life after a Zombie Apocalypse. Racism was shown, as well as people showing that racism was stupid in the face of the problems they have. Sexism gets touched on, as well as the fact that children aren't allowed to stay in the long adolescence we currently have. Every character is important at some point, and every one has the spotlight for a while.

If AMC can stay true to the comic, they'll have an amazing hit on their hands, and judging by the rate it's progressing, they can get a good six seasons just using the current comics. It can be a rocky ride, though, so it may lose viewers because of some of the plot points ahead.

Trying to avoid spoilers, since I know not many people have read the comics, so pardon the vagueness.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the tool bag got kicked over next to the guy? Cut the cuffs? Cut the hand?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Shhhhhhhh, anon! People that SAW that episode might not have caught that foreshadowing...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, I was hoping that there would be some practical aspects on how to survive a Level 4 outbreak, and I'm beginning to wonder how some of those people made it. Walking through the woods by oneself to pick mushrooms and not bothering to carry even a baseball bat? Dumb, man, really dumb.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Les. I'd be wearing heavy leather and have silenced high capacity guns. I'd clear and secure a small town. Organized salvage from a secure base.

JB Miller said...

He now has a grenade.

The tools spilled next to the cuffed guy.

These people are from his wife's camp.

I love this show!!

Phillip said...

Les, some of these people don't make it. And some them die because of making stupid decisions and not keeping situational awareness.

The whole story is believable once you get past the premise of a zombie outbreak. There's a lot of good stuff to come.