Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cisco v. Texas

What do San Franciscans think of Texans? Well here is but one example.

Money quote: "They all carry guns and fire them without provocation, usually to get your attention or to express emotion."

Well, ok then.


bluesun said...

Geez. By that logic I should never look at a San Franciscan (any of them) in the eye unless I want to have hot hot mansex.

Bob S. said...

Who knows what could happen when the Rangers lose.

Hmm, judging by the news we don't have to guess.

Texans congratulated the team and went to bed.

People in San Fran rioted when their team won.
So who are the ruthless, barbaric people ?

Mike W. said...

Classic liberal projection from a bunch of classless dirty hippies.

Tam said...

That was pretty funny!

Can none of you people get a joke?

See, Texas was playing SF in the World Series, so the SF fans were making fun of their opponents by deliberately dragging out overwrought cliches; it's called hyperbole. Like the way I call the man who wrote that a "filthy hippie" because he lives in SF and votes Democrat, even though he's probably a very nice guy and is obviously bathed, clean-shaven, and far better dressed than I am.

Maybe when the Orioles play in the Series, you can make similar jokes about opposing fans. If they still have an internet in 2367AD. :D


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm a Washington Senators fan, Tam. They haven't been around since... well, since they became the 2010 second place team.

Tam said...

Touché! :D