Monday, November 8, 2010

OC Debate

Robb Allen mentioned a call out for a friend looking for someone to debate, in front of the TV cameras, and 'against' side of the Open Carry debate in Florida.

I'm against OC, but I'm not so against that I could successfully debate the topic.

Well, I'm only sorta against it.

Deep down, there should be NOTHING preventing it. A gun on my neighbor's hip is no more of problem than a gun on a Cop's hip. I KNOW this.

I like guns. Why would I not want to see more of them? I like to see what people chose to tote. I like it when people exercise their inherent freedom to do so.

I dunno. I personally prefer Conceal Carry, for it's own peculiar tactical advantages.

I understand that done right, and regular people carrying in the open will eventually show the non-hysterical that really there is no problem with ones fellow citizens toting about. Any more than regular citizens careening about in 2 ton metal transportation devices cause people much alarm.

I'm also polite and I don't like scaring sheep-like hoplophobes. Though why I care what THEY think I sometimes wonder myself. I don't see too much advantage to being all in-your-face about it to prove out point. That's a tactic more suited to the other side, I believe.

I'm all for freedom of speech, but I try not to cuss and shout near little old ladies, too. Even though I can.

Sure, there is the worry that some idjit will bluster about and look the fool and paint us all, unfairly, as irresponsible jerks. But life ain't fair. And we still need to move the freedom-ball down the field toward our endzone. Maybe I'm an OC advocate that just wants to do it a bit more slowly. Pass OC friendly laws but not use them so much. Again, to be polite to those that like to soil their britches. No one wants to be around folks with a load in their cotton undergarments, right?

But put me up against an OC advocate for a debate and I'd just end up agreeing with all their points and sounding like a gibbering idiot. So I'd be a horrible choice for Robb's friend. Plus I have a face for radio, not TV.


Sean D Sorrentino said...

"I don't like scaring sheep-like hoplophobes."

When I have OC'd I have never had anyone react badly. Most OC'ers find out pretty quickly that almost no one notices, and even fewer care. It's pretty strange, really. If you get the chance, go up into PA for one of the PA Open Carry dinners or picnics. They are good people

Anonymous said...

I believe open carry must be allowed and unrestricted.

If I want to carry my AR15 slung into the world there should be no laws disallowing it.

There is a slippery slope there.

Bubblehead Les. said...

I believe that OC should be allowed, but not forced. The more people see ordinary citizens carrying, the more they'll become used to it. On the flip side, if you are just carrying to prove how big and bad and macho you are, like it was some sort of status symbol, then when Crisis Time hits, and you spent $2,000 on a Bill Wilson 1911 with the fancy holster and you didn't put money into range time and ignored the 4 Rules.....

Sean D Sorrentino said...

"If you are just carrying to prove how big and bad and macho you are..."

You are reacting to a false stereotype. These people do not exist in any significant numbers. Go to an OC dinner or picnic and find out who these people really are. The stereotype you repeated is just a slightly less offensive version of the old anti-gun favorite, penis jokes.

Phillip said...

Living down here in FL, I think we have an excellent reason for wanting legal OC, provided it doesn't take away our CC. It gets terrible hot here, and there are times when shorts and a t-shirt feels like too much to wear. Throw a cover shirt over it, and you'd be amazed how much that can add to the heat. Plus, our breezes can make a cover shirt flip up and reveal anything you have tucked in.

Since I run a computer services business I wouldn't OC when I was visiting a new client, but when I'm 'off' I want to have choices.

Anonymous said...

I love pics of girls in Israel that carry M4s in McDonalds because they are required to while in their service period.

Forget stereotypes. It is my Right to carry a rifle in public if I want. If you allow them to draw a line that disallows it, you have empowered them.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

THAT hot weather reason is a reason that could persuade me to more whole heartedly support OC, yes, Phillip.

JB Miller said...

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry?

This is not negotiable. There is no debate here. No valid reasoning to oppose it.

To Carry is a Right not to be infringed.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Sean, take a chill pill. Of course I support Open Carry. In fact, as I posted over at Robb's, I think if your State issues you a CCW, that should automatically allow you to Open Carry. That would be a good FIRST step to allowing UNLIMITED Open Carry across this Nation in every place in the Land. I would love to see the Gallery of the Capitol filled with Citizens bearing arms during the State of the Union. Then I would know that the Government works for me, not the other way around.

What I am saying is that there are a few people out there who Don't follow the 4 Rules, who Won't take the time to practice, that Can't be depended on to help out when a Crisis comes, that Do buy weapons just to show off how Bad they are. You know it, I know it, the Gun Industry knows it, the Gun dealers in the Shops and the Shows know it, and many Gunnies know it. Read the posts that Tam put up about the Bad Trainers a couple a weeks ago. Who came up with the term "Mall Ninjas"? Gunnies did.
Just because I might have enough Money to buy a Formula One car, doesn't make me qualified to race on the Grand Prix circuit, does it? There are a lot more of those "Stereotypes" floating around than you think, and they scare me when they come to the Range or Flash their pieces when there are no cops around.

And if you want to question my Gunnie creds, just look for my picture and my weapons that were at the NorthCoast Blog Shoot a couple of months ago. Breda has pictures, Jay has pictures, T-Bolt has pictures, Hell, T-Bolt and I ate dinner together that night and solved many of the worlds issues, even though he was whining about the nick he got from shooting the Snubbie from Hell!

But never imply in anyway that I am Anti-Gun. I've lived behind the Iron Curtain, I'm an Honorably Discharged Navy Veteran, Life Member of the NRA and I've pulled the trigger on Humans who would try to do me and mine harm. The last line of Defense this Republic has is the Armed Citizen, and trust me, this old boy who's been shooting since the 60's ain't going into the Camps if it gets that Bad. Penis jokes my ass.

Boat Guy said...

Les; chill, brother! From my read Sean wasn't questioning your "creds" OR implying you are anti -gun, far from it.
Your own description of the morons goes to a small fraction of people and does not fit anyone I've ever seen OC'ing - you yourself write that they are "few".
I've noted in several comments on various fora that I OC'd for a good bit in VA when my CCW permit was expired - I've interacted with some numbers of OC'ers and have yet to encounter the type you describe.
NJT; the hoplophobes are undeserving of your consideration. As noted folks rarely even notice. I've been carrying open more frequently here in God's Country with the warm weather - and given the wind we have here in spring and fall a cover garment that's not weighted with gold bars will get flipped up anyway.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

@Bubblehead, Boat Guy's correct. I'm sorry you felt attacked personally. The stereotype you point to doesn't really exist. Years of persistant demonization have created the myth, but the reality is far different. I'm sorry you thought I was being rude.