Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The set of pistols I own rise and fall in my esteem, depending on my mood.

Right now, the thick gripped P229 is actually coming around to the positive, despite the bulk. I just like it better right now. It is the gun I'd take, and have taken, to training evolutions. It is my holstered CCW gun. When I tape up my finger tip the trigger doesn't aggravate me and that makes it a more pleasant gun to shoot. I've only taken to taping up recently. So that helps.

My 1911 is a bit neutral right now. It IS a 1911, and that fact alone puts it in high mental esteem. But, to be truthful, I am still not comfortable with a condition 1, cocked and locked pistol (for CCW, as I'd OC this type in a second). I am much more comfortable than I was 5 years ago, mind. If I shot the SA 1911 as well as I shot a single action revolver I wouldn't own any other pistol. But I don't shoot it that well. I want to like it more, and I'm sure it will come back around. It has the potential of being the last firearm I'd part with.

My S&W 686 has never fallen out of my high esteem. My first pistol is still a rock solid piece, in my head. I shoot it well, and rely on it to be there if I need it.

The snubbie S&W 640 is still pretty new and has never fallen out of favor. It just sits so well in a pocket holster and is most likely to be the pistol 'on me' when appropo.

I was almost ready to sell my 1903/8 Colt Pocket Hammerless more than a year ago. It was too extraneous, was an oddball caliber for me, and served no purpose. Some commenters talked me down though. It COULD be employed as a CCW pocket piece, but rather than a 'tool' it has gone to 'collection' status. It's fun, too. It's too nice to be a constant CCW for me. It was almost too nice to keep. Maybe I'll sell it one day, but not anytime soon.

The only other pistol I have is the .22 revolver, the S&W 617. All .22's are fun, I find, so that keeps it in a favorable place. But it might not be as high as it was when new. Haven't shot it too much recently. Again, the wheel will turn and I'll go through a phase of shooting the crap out of it, grinning the whole time.


So, WHY is the SIG P229 SAS DAK CCW (boy, that's a lotta 3 letter acronyms. too much!) growing on me? That Double Action Kellerman. For those unfamiliar with it, it's a 7 pound DA trigger. But even that isn't that descriptive. Most have pulled on a revolver DA trigger. It's lighter than that. But it's not nearly as light as the striker-fired triggers found on the Glocks, XDs, S&W M&Ps, or HK USPs. It's not too bad a pairing when your other walking-around gun is a snubbie. In that the triggers aren't that far different. And it's a very smooth trigger. If I do a stead pull-through, I don't get super accurate shots, but I get center mass. So I am pleased with the gun and semi-pleased with my shooting skill with it.


Bubblehead Les. said...

With you mentioning having to tape your finger when shooting the Sig, and Winter coming, have you tried shooting it with Gloves on? Just curious, wonder if it'll help.

Actually, since you live on the edge of the Annual Winter God I Have to Shovel the Driveway Again Zone, Mas Ayoob wrote years ago about having a Winter Gun and a Summer Gun. He carried a Sig 220 European with the Magazine release on the Butt. His reasoning was that if he was wearing Gloves and needed to shoot, the Gloves might actually drop the Mag when he got his grip, and he didn't want to have the hassle of reseating it in the middle of a firefight. Plus, he liked the heavier trigger pull and the fact he could put his gloved fingers into the trigger guard w/o worrying about it firing early. Of course, we aren't in the situation of patrolling the U.S. Eastern Branch of the Great White North, but it does give one some food for thought.

Now, if your mood changes concerning the 1903/8 Browning, I might be able to relieve you of the Psychological Strain you'd be under by having it around....; )

Murphy's Law said...

You have excellent taste across the board.

Gun show in Frederick this week-end. I'm going up Saturday morning if you care to meet up.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Hunting this weekend...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Les, I have aviation gloves for cold weather applications that are like skin, but warm enough for shooting purposes when combined with fingerless wool over gloves.