Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3D Printers

Like JayG sez, "Hey, I KNOW that guy."  Got interviewed for the Post.  Dunno why, he has barely tested the things.  I guess he was the only one that said yes to the interview request.

I told him not to talk to reporters.  But at least the article is fair.  Ish.

The photographer wanted him to pose with the barrel pointing at the camera.  My buddy nixed that idea. 

The article does expose Rep Steve Israel as an ignoramus.  He things plastic parts in guns makes them undetectable to airport scanning equipment.  1982 is calling, and they want their fake 'plastic gun' meme back.

[Fark.com linked to this article.  Titled it 'scary'.  One commenter is worried the buddie wants to turn the country into hickster/Jesus-land.  They don't know him very well....]

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