Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why Argue Gun Control

With a gun-banner?

You won't change their mind.

You do it to put them on notice that their crazy whacked out ideas are opposed.  That they can't enact their fantasy utopia without resistance.  That the pie in the sky formulation they made up in their heads that makes so much sense to them is not agreed upon by a huge section of the nation, and we aren't The Other, we are their neighbors.  We aren't going to roll over, show our belly and submit.

THAT's why you argue with and make fun of gun banners on the internet.  And when they lose at the polls and can no longer enact other libtard legislation precious to them, you will get a subset of them that put two and two together and get a synapse fired up.  Aha!  So when the next gun law comes up that is in our favor, THEY roll over, show their belly, and submit and let it pass.

And if you oppose gun banner's smart, and not too nasty, you might even change a mind on the margins that happen to be reading.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, maybe. Go check out Joe Huffman's Blog from a few days ago where one of the most Notorious Anti-Gunners out there even admitted that all the facts Joe insisted were TRUE, but it still won't change his mind.

But if it keeps gnawing at their Subconscious, and shifts the opinions of those on the Fringe, go for it.

I mean, I sleep well at night knowing that the RKBA allows one of Smith and Wesson's Fine Products from the '60s to be in my nightstand. Wonder how well they sleep knowing that all they have is 911 and a Candlestick?