Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The worst lil Metrocon

The WORST Metrocon around is David Frum.  He became unconservative enough that he no longer fit in with the regular metrocons at National Review.

In fact, VerBruggen at national review rebuts Frum's idiocy here.  Good on ya, NR.

Frum wrote Obama needs a plan 'B' on gun control.  He thinks gun control is the same thing as Syphilis or HIV.  And wants the Surgeon General to do a study on gun control.  Dave, the Surgeon General can't even get a handle on STDs, why do you think it's that office's place to do a criminology study?  Oh, you think the fake results will bolster the gun banner's case...  Get bent, you chowderhead.

He goes on to blame the gun manufactures for not adopting new technologies like biometric scanners and some magical firing pin microstamping thing.  Like it's the manufacturers that don't want to do this.  Ever think it might be the customers that don't want that ineffective add ons on their guns that might hang them up when they are desperately needed?

He wants indicator light to tell you if their is a round in the chamber!

He thinks modern guns go off when dropped.

He thinks civil suit immunity covers gun makers that make a defective product instead of protecting them from harassing nonsense suits, the same way Ford is no held responsible for drunk drivers

He also seems to believe that legitimate defensive gun use is in the single digits annually.  

The man is DANGEROUSLY ignorant.

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Ritchie said...

My employer uses a fingerprint timeclock. I swear that thing must be running on a Timex 1000, and is about reliable as cassette deck storage.