Friday, February 22, 2013


My Congresscritter, the execrable Chris Van Hollen is threatening our civil rights.  He is taking joy, based on his Tweet, that NICS checks may get backlogged because of the sequester.

A right delayed is a right denied, Congressman!  What's next?  Holding up the voter registration of oppressed minorities?  For shame! 


John said...

Don't NICS checks default to approved after a certain period of time?

Robert said...

Yes, they do default after a certain amount of time, and dealers have the right to not sell because of that default approval, and most will not because they don't want any problems that may result from such a sale. So effectively, it's a denial.

Anonymous said...

Lacking context -- and twitter is pretty context-free -- I don't read happy or sad or approval or disapproval in that tweet. Just a statement.