Monday, February 25, 2013


Man, for some reason, Maxpedition gear just seems kinda neat to me.   I really like their stuff.  I wish some of this stuff had been around when I carried a bookbag in school.

No I HAVE one small Maxpedition item.  And I have other items for Bug Out Bags, a smallish one with water, poncho, first aid stuff -- 'day trip' items I can carry in one hand, also a full size ruck that I keep a sleeping bag and tent and multiple MREs in, plus other camping accoutrement, and hunting togs...  There is a Get Home bag in my car.

So I really can justify yet another gear bag...  Maybe someday.


bluesun said...

I call it Maxpedition Crack. You get one piece and soon you're back on the website thinking "you know, I could use a new shower caddy..."

Old NFO said...

They DO have good stuff... you just have to step AWAY from the web page... :-D

Tam said...

I love my fliegerduffel.