Thursday, February 7, 2013

Movie Sighting

Of one of my favorite old designs, the Colt Pocket Hammerless, 1903/08.

The moll manages to pick the pocket of the Boss Ganster (Edward G. Robinson) and then sneaks it to our intrepid hero (Bogart).

The movie, or course, is Key Largo.  Lauren Bacall and Lionel Barrymore...  What a cast.

It was so prominently displayed and clicked in my vision so well that it brought a smile to my face.  "Hey, I have one of those!"

Dunno if it's a .32 or .380.  Like you could tell without holding it and inspecting.  Bad guys shot with it don't die right away and it take a few to put the last mobster down.  Bogie has to rely of good tactics to separate the opposing gunmen on a boat, plus he takes position from unlikely angles.  He still takes a slug from a revolver from a already wounded gangster.  If I was more interested in Colt revolvers I would have easily IDed them, too, but I didn't notice them as anything other than 'revolver' until I looked them up.   The Pocket Hammerless is the 'star' of the show, to me, and based on screen time.  There was a blued one and a silver one, and 2 revolvers. 

Big time crime movie blockbuster with 4 six or seven shooters.  How many guns/bullets/shots do you get a modern movie of the same genre?  Over a dozen different guns in a Die Hard movie...


Bob said...

And Bogey infamously mispronounced the word conch to rhyme with paunch or haunch, instead of correctly (rhymes with honk).

Angus McThag said...

IMFDB says it's a 1903, therefore .32.

Their still of Bogart firing one seems to have the smaller hole in the front too.