Friday, February 22, 2013


Did my taxes.  I got bills to pay to fund my early BAG day purchases.

Except... I owe.  I make up my $160 Fed bill with a $250 State refund.  Looks like I need to up my 401k contribution up higher than 15%.

Ima be pissed when they Congress critters look at the huge pile of money in the nation's 401kays and gets ideas to tap some revenue out of that.  Perhaps violently so.  (Peeved, I mean.  Not violently tapped by Congress)


Bubblehead Les. said...

Well, as Pissed as everyone is about all the increases in Taxes that occurred in Jan, and the real shortages in their Paychecks, something tells me the idea to "Confiscate" the money in the 401Ks probably would not occur until after the next Mid-Term elections, and that it would only happen if the DemaCommies and Nancy Pelosi regain control of the House.

But God help us if THAT happens.

JD Rush said...

But nationalizing 401Ks will be for the children. Besides, you didn't build that money, government did.