Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Dreams May Come

I wrote this before the SOTU speech.

I was thinking what gun control is gonna get through Congress.  I think the mag ban and new AWB aren't going to happen.  If DiFi forces the issue she may poison the whole think for her side and get nothing at all  through.  She is dumb enough to shoot herself in her own foot that way (pun indended.)

But if she doesn't do something stupid, the way the GOP is mumbling and whispering, I'd bet the only really onerous thing that goes to the Pres is background checks for ALL transfers.  Obama will declare victory, and a backdoor registration system will be in place in place for NEXT time.


Now, I got no problem with universal background checks, with some caveats.  We should be able to do it online.  It should cost $5.  Flashing a valid CCW should adequately subsitute for a check.  Background checks shouldn't be triggered until AFTER there is nationwide shall issue in every state and the District, and 51 state reciprocity, so hurry up and pass that NY, IL, MD... (COMPROMISE our way for once).  The 1968 GCA should also be modified to allow to interstate face to face sales if a background check is done.  And this Home-NICS check should not include serial numbers.  


Let's say the Contrarian (MD resident) is introduced to My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast (VA resident) after this law is in effect.  Contrarian LOVES MBtGE's Glock Fohty, and MBtGE is looking to sell.  A price is settled on and cash is to hand.  MBtGE logs onto some website, puts in Contrarian's name and driver's license number and the 'pistol' checkbox is checked, (maybe even Glock and .40 is included in the info) and that's it.  PayPal pays the fee to the gummint.  $5... maybe $15 at the most.  The Feds come back and say "The Contrarian is a good egg according to our records and here is a reference number to keep for your records to prove you didn't unload your pistol onto some criminal reprobate."  Money changes hands and Contrarian traipses off to the range for some boomstick fun.  Done and done.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Naw. Makes too much sense. So it will never happen.

Anonymous said...

You can't give the little people access to things like that.

Daddy Hawk said...

How about keeping the government out of our business entirely? How about gun owners get something out of a "compromise" for a change instead of always taking it in butt? Can we get suppressors removed from the NFA? How about requiring enforcement of existing law before imposing new, more draconian law? How about SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED means leave us the hell alone and go prosecute people who can't play nice with others.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Haven't you heard, Daddy Hawk? The congress gotta pass SOMETHING. THey can't just do NOTHING. Or, worse, repeal something onerous.

And that something is gonna be universal background checking of some flavor, is my guess.

Daddy Hawk said...

I have no doubt your assessmenbia correct because our fearless republican controlled house has no spine or testicular fortitude.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, how about this? I go to see MY Buddy the Surplus Dealer on Sunday, he hands me a Well-Worn but Functional Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge and says "it's yours for $100." I look it over, cycle the action, and say "Done." I reach into my Wallet, pull out the Money and hand it to him. He gives me the Shotgun, I put it into my car.


You know what? I think the BEST thing that Congress can do is to bring up to a Vote ALL the Gun Laws that they want. If they Pass, they Pass. But if the Fail, they Fail. But either way, we get on Record WHICH Commie Sympathizer Destroyer of the RKBA Voted AGAINST the 2A.

And then they each will learn that "Elections have Consequences", even months later.

On an Individual Basis.