Tuesday, February 12, 2013


No one is proposing a ban on guns?  Multiple prominent gun banners have in the couple months have let slip they want to ban guns.  It's ubiquitous.

The NRA is boosting gun sales?  I'm a life member and I haven't heard a peep suggesting I do so.  Nice using a 20 year old quote about jack booted thugs.  A quote that he made after... jack booted thugs SWAT raided the Branch Davidians.  How many children did the fed get killed there?

The NRA is controlled by the gun industry?  The video admits that $200 million a year goes into the NRA.  But only $38 million from the so called gun industry?  So the the other $160 mil?  From people I guess.  MidwayUSA is the big villain?  That's because I round up my purchases to the nearest dollar.  Also a lotta money from The People.

Hollow point bullets are evil now?  Someone tell the cops and FBI to switch from them back to round nose.

Oh no!  Profitable companies?!  That HAS to be bad.  They all look like the Monopoly Moneybags guy or have a pencil thin mustache and a conniving mannerism.

Gun banners against privacy laws?  Didn't the liberal New York newspaper get in trouble for publishing gun owner names and addresses?  Protection from lawsuit abuses?  They'd change their tune if lawfare was conducted against them.

Gun safety?  Just say gun control.  It's what you mean.

"Americans are starting to get wise to the NRA."  Yup.  That's why support of the first Civil Rights organization is through the roof right now.  Thank you, NRA!  And all the smaller rights orgs fighting the good fight (I'm looking at you Alan Gura, Alan Gootlieb... Bravo Zulu.)

Ooo, an expansion in their depredations.  They want to go after and pass "common sense conceal carry legislation."

Move on morons are HI-larious.

Contact your congresscritter.  Tell them NO more gun control, of any kind.  It's just abusive at this point, to enact MORE laws that bad guys won't follow and disarms the good guys. 

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