Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Letter

I was just thinking, I hadn't gotten a response from any of the politicians I wrote to except for Senator Ben Cardin.  Not even from my State Delegate on the Judiciary Committee, who usually writes back.  Then THIS showed up in the mail that very afternoon:


Good for him.  I wonder if he sends the same sort of letter to people that right demanding gun bans and confiscations and other usurpations of civil rights?

Lessee, he's supported longer sentences for felons in possession... good, I support that.  He's supported a blue ribbon panel to study the availability of guns for the mentally ill...  I support that too, but don't see how a study actually does anything, but he anticipates action on the study's results.  Very nice.  He says nothing that will offend the gun enthusiast voter like me.

Ah, but what of the dog that didn't bark?  He doesn't say anything one way or another on the current legislation banning scary rifles, regular sized mags, and extra registration requirements.  He hasn't painted himself into corners.  Why commit yourself on paper to something that may or may not come up for a vote?  Especially if he agrees with bans on principal but doesn't want to get me all riled.  If the bill fails, but I have him on record opposing something I hold dear he's needlessly offended me.  Wait til AFTER the vote before burning that bridge (ugh, 3 semi-cliched metaphors in one paragraph).

Still, I bet State Senator Frosh says in HIS form letters, "I support greater gun control now!" and doesn't care if it offends constituents.  Waldstreicher isn't as secure in his seat as Frosh, but he is almost as.  If he was a dyed in the wool (4!) gun controller he could probably say so publicly without a problem.  So there is good reason to keep the lines of communication open with Jeff.

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