Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oh, Mona...

Mona Charen, at the flagship fortnightly get's her metrocon on.

"I stand out among my conservative friends in disliking guns. I favor reasonable restrictions on the Second Amendment, like bans on fully automatic weapons, background checks for purchases, and forbidding the sale of guns to those with histories of mental illness or criminality."

Luckily for her, fully automatic weapons were severely restricted in 34, and banned except for grandfathered examples in 1986.  Background checks went nationwide in 1993.  And criminals and mentally ill have been prohibited since 1968.

Welcome to our side, ma'am.  And she goes on to support us in the rest of the piece.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

You know, if I was a REAL Reporter, and I'd want to write something about what I'd like to see "Banned", you'd think I would be smart enough to look it up and see if had already been done.

I wonder if she wants all Nuclear Weapons to be kept out of the hands of Private Citizens? Or that it would be a good Idea to BAN SLAVERY!

And these are are the People who are the "Intellectual Elite" in America?