Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another Metro?

I've enjoyed the web stuffs of James Lileks longer than an online presence of National Review even existed.  Lileks now occasionally does a piece for NRO.

I wonder if he is a metrocon?  A conservative that isn't super comfortable with firearms or firearms rights.


His stuff is cool because it is quirky vintage stuff.  Old Motels, Ghost Signs, Pre-50s exquisite architecture that morphs into 70s dreck, unappetizing cookbook recipes from the olden days

He does have a bit of an urban outlook, certainly.  Fargo, DC, and Minneapolis.  No recollections of hunting trips with Dad in his stories of childhood.  

In his one gun article he is poking fun at the arse-hats that made fools of themselves in Texas with less than appropriate OC attention whoring.  Well, heck, so did I.  And there, finally, some childhood and positive gun recollections.  First I've seen of his and I read his blog pretty religiously.  So...  probably not too metroconny, deep down.

I guess I should keep an open mind about him and the 2nd.  Opener mind. 

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