Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Burp II, Subbie Boogaloo

The Sequel!  Excuse me.

Loren Cook had an improvement for the US Army's submachinegun, but the program was cancelled in 1948 because we didn't need any improvements then.  Right?  Some army schmuck in the Soviet Union goes on to eternal glory with an improvement on a German design and the Yankee Warrant Officer gets ignored and almost forgotten.

From here.  It's an ugly cuss of a weapon in prototype stage.  Looks like the Sten.  He had a battle rifle, too.  And some pretty wild claims about performance.  For instance, the accompanying article from the 50s makes it sound like he magically doubled the speed of a .45ACP bullet with that thing.  I suspect the truth is he is using 9mm ammunition and the paper is confuzzled.

Here's the battle rifle he was sure could give the FN FAL a run for its money

What's that Bullpup rifle look like to you?  Does it look like someone took a BAR receiver and made some other modifications?  Why, yes it does...  Awesome. 


Old NFO said...

Wondering if that foregrip is off a Thompson...

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Why does the subbie remind me of a Keltec?