Saturday, June 14, 2014

Open Carry, hot weather

I hope we get Open Carry more acceptable soon.  This is my preferred July/August outfit, and there aren't a lotta Conceal Carry options.


Arthur said...

Is that guy missing a hand?

Old NFO said...


Siege said...

My beachwear is only marginally more modest (boxcut, think James Bond in Casino Royale), and I've put some thought into ways to maintain my rule of "always have a knife".

Easiest way I came up with was to just strap on a dive knife or a neck knife.

Gun carry would be similarly strapped to the thigh, but I'd want some manner of disposable single-use pistol that won't be a loss if it gets destroyed by exposure to salt air and such, like one of Tam's Blister Pack guns (A concept I've put a bit of thought into, actually. Need a bit more before I start prototyping).