Friday, June 27, 2014

Range Time again

Two weeks in a row.  Hey!  A trend.

Same gun, no cleaning.  Testing the stainless customized Mil Spec 1911 for function post user customization.

And I broke the thumb blister on my support hand I got last session.

Here is the initial cold string, American Eagle 230 gr FMJ, 7 yards indoors.


Then I was annoyed and started buckling on my 'front sight-press' for the next target, top two of this:

 Really pooped the bed upper left before settling down, see the stretch off of it low and right?  Yick.  The bottom 2 targets are one hand training.  Left is left, right is right.  Remember how good I was last week with right hand?  HA!  Not this time, barely on paper with anything.  But all 6 in the splatter target are from just the dominant left hand.  Didn't track the 7th. Who knows week to week with me?

and I settled down finally on the above target.  Except for 2 fliers on the low off target: upper left and lower right.

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