Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Revolver Receivers

Sure, there are plenty of AR lowers, and some people go the easy route in gunsmithing and get a 1911 receiver to mangle.

But I want something more challenging.  I want to build a revolver from the ground up!  Mmmm hmmm.

Larry Weeks was actually sharing that story at Old NFO's beer/grub set to after hours at the NRA convention.  People have asked him why he didn't sell revolver frames so us gun enthusiasts could roll our own revolvers.  Nobody there, but people in general have asked him in the past.

Oh, Larry Weeks is a high muckity muck at Brownells, in case you didn't know.

If I had the skill to the gunsmith a revolver from a frame, 1911 work would be easy, and I'd have the ability to machine my own revolver frame from a blank easier than waiting for the UPS guy to deliver one.  It would also mean I had some serious equipment.  Like a multi-ton press.  Cuz yer gonna need that kind of stuff even if you have a frame.

I wonder what an 80% frame would look like...


Daniel Watters said...

About the only metallic cartridge revolver design that has enough aftermarket parts available to justify this would be the Colt M1873 SAA.

Tam said...

Even with all the manufacturing shortcuts currently used... MIM, sleeved 2-piece barrels, et cetera... a revolver is still a fantastically intricate bit of machining.

Unless your home shop has a pretty sweet mill in it, I think it would fall into the "Don't try this at home, kids" category.