Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Esquire Writer

Can't understand why Cops would support the 2nd Amendment or the NRA's effort to preserve same.  He calls cops that DO traitors.

Let me get this right...  Does he think that the NRA is on the side of 2 crazed murderous cop killing loonie felons?

People like me carry guns because of loonies like them.  Cops carry guns because of loonies like them.  Cops aren't special.  They aren'tNinja Ranger Delta Force Borg Magicians putting a hurt on bad guys, and only bad guys, infallibly, then go into a locker to enter sleep mode until their next shift.  They are people.  People with a job the REST of us hired them to do so we didn't have to spend a good deal of our day preserving public order.  Sure they can screw up sometimes, and make mistakes other times, or be downright evil, some of them.  Just like the rest of us.  But they can't be everywhere at once.  And they aren't responsible for me 24/7.

I am not the biggest fan of cops. When policy or personal foibles send them down the wrong path and their job shields them from the consequences of said improprieties I am outraged and it colors my opinion of cops that labor mightily to always do the right thing, regardless.  But one thing I like about many cops is they take the Constitution seriously.  Good on them.  Keep that up. 

Dismissing the biggest law of the land, like that Esquire reporter does, because you don't like it?  That's closest to Treason, here.  I hope Charles Pierce gets a nasty case of diarrhea.  So there.

I'm not too worried that cops turn to that guy to help form their opinion on how the world should be.

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Mike V. said...

I've been a lawman all my adult life. 2 things I've found to be largely true of my fellow law officers: We are fairly conservative politically and we take the oath we swore to support and defend thru Constitution seriously. In many agencies, pistols long guns are personally owned. So when those that don't like gun owners and our icky guns talk about banning ARs and standard magazines, they're talking about our guns and mags too.