Thursday, June 5, 2014

I miss Farmer Frank

He had some serious health issues last year that he is recovering from, but his blog posts on farming had thinned out anyway.

If he had still be an active farmer, well, it looks like he'd be posting about another wet Spring vexing the Midwest planters.  A coupla years back it seemed to take forever to get the seed into to the fields.  Just mud mud mud everywhere.

I liked getting the details of the nitty gritty of such an occupation that I am so far removed from but so vital to our very existence.  Making food from dirt and water.  It's just so fascinating to me to hear well written stories about another occupation.  I don't think I can make my system administrator job half as interesting on my best day, in a post.

I met Frank at the Pittsburgh NRA convention.  I hope you are still improving, sir.

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Windy Wilson said...

And tiny bits of plants.
My Dad's Dad was a farmer who in the 30's transitioned to carpenter because it wasn't in anybody's best interest to stay in a business where you had to plow crops under because it would cost more to harvest than it would gain from the sale of the grain, and taking oats from the horses to feed the children.
You're right, the whole industry is interesting, not the least because the farmer buys stuff at retail and sells his product at wholesale, hoping he has a better year than the other farmers selling the same crops.